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Lily's Story

I was hit by a speeding car on 22 April 2016 whilst crossing a road.  As a result I was in a coma fo

I was hit by a speeding car on 22 April 2016 whilst crossing a road.  As a result I was in a coma for almost a month and suffered multiple traumatic injuries, the worst of which was a traumatic brain injury (diffuse axonal injury type 3 – DAI 3) and a spinal cord injury (T2 spinal cord transaction with Asia A score at T4 level).    

Since the accident I have taken on my new world with a vengeance. The prognosis for DAI 3 was not good - over 90% of patients never regain consciousness, and those who are lucky to wake up often remain in a significantly impaired state.    

I was one of the lucky (maybe better to say determined) ones.  Apparently my early cognitive assessments post accident indicated a bleak future with little expectation given for me to further my education, but I guess I proved them wrong having just completed Grade 12 and gaining an excellence award in Visual Arts.   

My spinal cord injury resulted in paraplegia, and this, combined with reduced right arm mobility from the DAI 3, had the professionals painting a future with limited physical independence.    

Over time and with hard work I have gained enough strength and balance to support myself in my wheelchair; push myself when required; move myself around in bed; comb and tie up my hair; and to slide from my bed to my wheelchair (the last of which I was told I would never achieve).   

My ultimate goal is to make sure I am in the best possible shape, both mentally and physically, to make use of new surgical/medical/mechanical opportunities to get me back walking.  With the focused research and new technologies being developed, this day will come, and I will be ready to grab it with both hands.